Poster Presentation

Guidelines for Rapid-fire Presentations and Posters

  • The official language of the event is English therefore all Presentations/ posters should be in English.
  • You have to make maximum four slides to be presented in maximum three minutes. Please do not waste precious time in introduction and literature review. A good speaker should be able to communicate his/ her ideas and most important results in less than three minutes and this is what will be one of the evaluation criterions as well, apart from the research content.
  • More time taken in presentation will obviously attract negative marking and finishing on time will attract bonus marks.
  • Presentations have to be uploaded at the time of registration.
  • Size of poster should be A0 (1189 mm x 841 mm). Three column, Portrait format should be used. 18 font wise for text and 24 for title (Or higher) should be used. Times New Roman font should be used. Figures should be large enough to be clearly visible and in high quality.
  • Posters soft copy should be made available to the organizers at the time of registration.
  • Printing the poster, bringing them with you and putting them up for display will be the responsibility of the presenters. The posters should be putup in the morning of the day of poster session (Either 1st or 2nd January: Please check)
  • Poster will be exhibited during the conference and authors are expected to be there during the poster session after having quick lunch. There will be at least three judges, who will visit your poster to evaluate during the poster slots.
  • The marks of the poster and rapid-fire presentation will be added to find the winner of best poster award in each track. Each track will have less than 10 posters.
  • Top poster in each of the 10 tracks will be selected by the technical review committee, which will be provided with certificates and Awards in the valedictory session of the conference.